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Welcoming Burak Yildirim and Strengthening Our Focus on Dispute Resolution

We are excited to announce that starting on May 1st, 2024, Burak Yildirim joined Advokatur GTK as a new partner. Burak brings a wealth of experience in criminal procedures, employment, and tenancy law. With a reputation for persuasiveness, integrity, and a deep passion for the law, we are thrilled to welcome him to our team.

Advokatur GTK has recently gone through a transition, as our co-founding partner, Viktorija Tarasova, has moved on to pursue other professional opportunities. We appreciate her contributions during her tenure and wish her continuing success in her future endeavors. 

This change has provided us with the opportunity to further reinforce our core focus on dispute resolution. Ferhat Kizilkaya with his specialties in criminal and family law, and Andri Ganzoni with a focus on commercial law respectively, continue to dedicate themselves to this work.

We warmly invite you to connect with us for any disputes and enforcement procedures related to Switzerland. With our renewed focus and enhanced expertise, we are equipped to assist you more effectively than ever.

Andri Ganzoni, Ferhat Kizilkaya and Burak Yildirim


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